Mike Huckabee Makes Campaign Stop at MCB

December 18, 2015

Republican Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee launched a new Iowa campaign tour on Thursday, December 17, with a visit to the Maintainer Custom Bodies (MCB) manufacturing plant in Rock Rapids.

The first porHuckabee at press brake.pngtion of Huckabee’s visit included a tour of the plant.

“It’s a great example of American craftsmanship at work,” said Huckabee. “All over America people do jobs that we never think about, but you see these big trucks rolling to rescues and fires - somebody had to build these. Today I’m getting to meet some of the people that build them.”

During the tour, Huckabee visited with Production Specialist Rodney VandenTop in the Aluminum Fabrication & Welding area, Welder Scott Maxwell in the Steel Welding area, and Production Specialist Marv DeBoer in the Assembly area.Huckabee looking at Sheldon Pumper.png

“I met some employees that have been here 21-22 years,” said Huckabee. “You’ve got to be doing something right as a company if you can keep employees that long.”

Following the tour, Huckabee conducted a Town Hall meeting with MCB employees and about 25 people from the community. He started with some general comments before taking questions.

“It’s becauHucabee visit in front of red truck.pngse of the kind of work ethic that often exists in places like Rock Rapids,” said Huckabee, ”that I think more and more Americans depend upon people who know how to get something done, who will work hard, follow directions, show up on time, and requires the kind of work that requires real skill.”

Maintainer president Denny Michels appreciated the chance to host a GOP campaign stop.

“We are fortunate that the road to the presidency brings the political system right here into our lives in places like Rock Rapids,” said Michels. Referring to Huckabee, Michels told the crowd, “I like this guy. He talks about moral values, and he’s not apologetic about it.”Huckabee looking at truck frame.png

Huckabee was on site for approximately 90 minutes before moving onto another campaign stop in Sioux Center. Special thanks to the Rock Rapids Chamber of Commerce for directing the candidate our way, to Central Lyon schools for the use of some risers, and to the Lyon County Sheriff’s office for sending support for the event.

Photo caption 1 - Rodney VandenTop operates the press brake while MCB president Denny Michels, candidate Mike Huckabee and plant manager David Jans observe

Photo caption 2 - Huckabee & Jans review Sheldon's new Pumper truck

Photo caption 3 - Marv DeBoer, Huckabee, Jans & Michels take time for press photos in the Assemby area

Photo caption 4 - Jans & Huckabee discuss MCB's aluminum frames while General Manager Shelley Morris observes